We've answered some common questions below. Please direct any further questions, concerns, or inquiries to info@sitkaweedworks.com

Sitka WEEDWORKS is located in Sooke, BC (CRD). 

Each unit is 4,500 Sq ft. We wanted to make sure that each grower had enough space to maximize the full 200 square metres allowed by Health Canada while still having enough room for all the required auxiliary rooms to get licensed (secured storage, head of security’s office, trimming room, drying room, change rooms, washrooms, electrical room, janitor’s closet, etc).

Each unit is composed of a 3,000 sq ft lower floor and a 1,500 sq ft upper floor. Both floors have 12 foot ceilings.

Yes, all units are entitled to 5 parking stalls as part of their lease.

The rent for the units is $22 per sq ft. This translates into $8,250.00 per month.

Yes, the property is zoned for cannabis cultivation.

Each unit is equipped with a 3 phase – 600 Amps power supply. This saves our tenants tens of thousands of dollars in Hydro upgrades.

We expect the phase 2 building to be completed in May – Sept of 2020. Construction will be completed on some facilities sooner than others so the actual start date will vary from tenant to tenant. Rental payments begin after we complete the building and the tenant starts work on their tenant improvements.

Yes, the cannabis act allows a one time influx of black-market genetics. We hope all tenants take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to bring their unique genetics to the legal market and expand the offerings available to legal consumers!

One word – support. 

1. We have an education center that provides regular educational seminars, ongoing support from our master growers, and assistance with developing your SOP’s. 

2. There’s strength in numbers, and as a large group we can work in large economies of scale. That means discounts on grow software, CO2, garbage disposal, and and other products, services, and resources that would otherwise be very costly. 

3. We offer trimming groups and janitorial companies that can support your company’s day to day operations if you need extra help.

4. Our parent company Weed Works will work collaboratively with Micro-Growers to manage post-production marketing and sales.

5. Weed Works’ retail partners will help micro-growers identify top-selling products and varietals, working as a team to maximize profits and supply the market with in-demand products.

Yes, WEEDWORKS can maximize flowering space for our micro-growers by offering established clones and genetic support.

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